Introduction to Sociology

traffic-jam photo - arieal viewEnd of Semester Extra Credit

It’s that time of the semester again.  Many students are looking for opportunities for extra credit to improve their grades.  I generally don’t like the idea of “extra credit” but occasionally offer it as a reward to students who attend lectures consistently and who are willing to do some extra work beyond what is assigned.

So, here’s the deal:

I will post an Extra Credit Quiz on ReggieNet at noon on December 12th, after our final exam, and will remain open for 48 hours (until noon on Dec. 14th).  This quiz will be approximately 20 questions long, timed, and be worth a maximum of 10 points.

The material for this quiz will come from various web-based resources (podcasts, videos, blogs, etc) and from recent lectures.  Each day between now and the 12th, I will post a new blog entry with a link to a relevant resource you will need to read or listen to in order to answer questions on the quiz.   To find these resources you can visit this site each day and search for the tag [Soc106] or you may choose to subscribe to the blog to receive notices of updates as they are posted.  By the day of our final exam all necessary resources will have been posted here and with the Soc106 “tag”.

This opportunity should be viewed truly as extra credit.  It is a relatively small number of points that will involve a fair amount of time on your part to prepare for.  I urge you to prioritize your preparation for the final exam and use this only when you need a study break or after you complete the final.