Sociologically Relevant Segments this week from NPR

Here are four segments this week from National Public Radio that struck me as particularly relevant to some of the topics we are discussing in my courses.

Why More Men Don’t Get Into The Field Of Nursing

Story illustrating the power of gender roles and gender as a social institution.

New Book Looks At Why Women Have The Right To Be ‘Good And Mad’

This story (and book) examines the different standards for men and women when it comes to socially acceptable displays of emotion.  Like the story above, demonstrates the power of gender as a social institution.

What Can Citizens Do To Fight Foreign Disinformation Campaigns?

Given that the U.S. Intelligence community has confirmed that Russia tampered with the 2016 Presidential election and the evidence that they are attempting to spread misinformation for the 2018 elections, this story provides ways that you can protect yourself from falling for it.

File this one under “boring stuff that matters a lot…”

An interview with an author whose researched parts of government and politics that doesn’t get much attention, but that matters immensely. Shows why elections are about much more than the office at the top of the ballot and what happens when people opposed to government are in charge of the government.